Firefox Showcase

Getting started

Firefox Showcase is a Firefox extension designed to facilitate tab discovery and management.

There are 3 different ways to invoke Showcase:

Also, it can be invoked in 2 different modes:

Next there's a table with the default keyboard shortcuts for each of the modes:

  Window Tab Sidebar
Global F12 Ctrl+Alt+T Ctrl+Alt+S
Local Shift+F12 Ctrl+Alt+Y Ctrl+Alt+D

To change the shortcuts, you may use the Keyconfig extension.

Each Showcase invocation mode has a menu entry in the Firefox menu bar: 2 in the Sidebar menu ("View" > "Sidebar"), and 4 in the new "Showcase" menu ("View" > "Showcase"), just under the "Sidebar" menu.

Firefox Showcase menu entries

By default, the "List all tabs" button in the tab bar function is changed, and instead of showing a list of tabs, it will present a Showcase instance.

"List all tabs" button

The old functionality is still present, and may be invoked by clicking the right mouse button on it. Also, it is possible to configure the Showcase instance mode using the Showcase options panel ("Advanced" > "Miscellaneous" > ""List all tabs" button invokes"). Other tab bar improvements are:

This improvements can be disabled at any time using the Showcase options panel ("Advanced" > "Miscellaneous" > "Enable tab bar enhancements").

Alternatively, new buttons can be placed on Firefox toolbar that will invoke the different Showcase modes when pressed. To add them:

Customize your toolbar to add Showcase buttons

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