Firefox Showcase

Search across tabs

Showcase has the capability to filter it's thumbnails by using a find bar, allowing the discovery of tabs that contain the specified sentences.

On window and tab modes, the find bar can be activated simply by typing the sentence to look for. The find bar will be shown automatically, and the thumbnails will be progressively filtered. Alternatively, the find bar may also be activated by using the "CTRL+F" keyboard shortcut.

The find bar is shown at the bottom of the tab or window

On sidebar mode, the find bar is always shown at the top of the sidebar. The options are exactly the same as in the other modes, but will appear when pressing the "Options" button.

The user interface for the sidebar find bar is cosmetically different

The first field for the find bar is the text to search. At the introduction of each character, the non-matching thumbnails will be automatically hidden, and the other ones will adapt it's size to fill as much space as possible.

The second field is the location of the search, which indicates where the specified search string will be looked for. The different possibilities are:

"Invert results" will hide the thumbnails that match the search requirements, and show the rest.

If "Match case" is checked, the search will be performed in a case-sensitive way.

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