Firefox Showcase

Tab management

Showcase includes several features that are meant to facilitate the organization of browser tabs and windows.

Several thumbnails may be selected at the same time. The mechanism for that is very similar to any icon-based user interface.

Mouse based selection:

Keyboard based selection:

Once a multiple selection has been created, clicking the right mouse button over any of the selected thumbnails will show the possible actions for that selection. That includes the "Duplicate In New Window" and "Merge In New Window" actions. Both actions will create a new window where copies of the selected tabs will be loaded (including the session history, and the current scroll position). "Merge In New Window" will close the copied tabs once the new window has been created.

Contextual menu will show different options in multiple selections

It's also possible to use drag-and-drop to reorder and move tabs among windows: press the left mouse button on the label of a thumbnail, and while keeping the button pressed, drag the mouse to the final destination. A visual clue will show what will be the final location in the case the button is released. Note that this feature is compatible with the multiple thumbnail selection.

In the case that the "Ctrl" key is being pressed while using drag-and-drop, the dragged thumbnails will be copied instead of moved.

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